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We believe that strong churches build strong families that build strong communities.

Freedom Life offers its church partners the opportunity to dedicate their family to God's Kingdom during a Sunday morning worship experience. Together we will stand in agreement and prayer to declare divine destiny and speak into the future of your family.

Child-Family Dedication is not a baptism that unites children with God, it's simply a public declaration of families committing to live as godly examples and to intentionally shape the spiritual lives of their children.

Only church partners are permitted to participate in the Freedom Life Child-Family Dedication. Church partnership is fulfilled through our Pathway of Purpose. If you have not completed the Pathway of Purpose, please contact for more information.

Understanding the details outlined above, please complete this online registration form for Child-Family Dedication. Following this step you will be directed to the Parent Orientation Registration.

Parent Orientation is a one-day class prior to the dedication service. The assignments to be completed beforehand will prepare your heart and mind for the meaningful conversations during the Parent Orientation.

We are honored and excited to be on this journey with you! Thank you for partnering with Freedom Life to help raise your children as followers of Christ.

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Event Details

  • April 29
    12:00 am - 12:00 am